Paddling pain

This season, after years of paddling, I am experiencing a pinching pain high on the back of my left thigh after about 2 hrs in the boat that requires me to exit the boat to get relief. It’s a recurring problem that isn’t unbearable for short river trips, but makes one of the joys of my life very unpleasant on the longer open water paddles on the bay. Anyone else have experience with this type of issue. Is there a seat upgrade available for my Elias now that Necky is no longer?

Start of sciatic pain? FWIW, I had similar including the 2 hour part in one of my boats. I finally cut out foam under the seat so that the whole thing was flatter and the front edge of the supposedly ergonomic seat was not hitting into my thigh. Pain went away immediately.

It could be your body. A PT can work wonders. My daughter and I have the same issue. S little therapy helped ud both.

I think string is spot on. Your boat didn’t change, most likely you did…so you may not be doing yourself any favors by adding padding to your seat. I had crippling sciatic nerve pain and I thought it was typically on the right side. In any case I recommend that you start exploring stretches and core exercises which could make you feel better than ever. In parallel maybe add some foam or an air cushion to your seat.

Hamstring stretches made a difference for me. I do them daily and always before I leave to paddle.

You mentioned “this season” which might indicate that you are a seasonal paddler and if that is the case, you’re probably essentially starting over after a layoff. Most likely as you age, it will take longer before you condition your body to the rigors. I find that paddling all year makes a huge difference and a dose of moderation while reconditioning after a layoff is a good thing.

I would also suggest along with what others have offered, you might try a rolled up towel under your thighs for awhile.