paddling pants ID

Hi all …I need help in ID’ing a pr of paddling pants …I’m looking for the manufacturer of a pr. of paddling pants that are either gore-tex or tropos or similairly waterproof lined …WITH booties attached …the booties where either latex or neoprene or the waterproof material itself. I tried search in archives on Pnet with no success. Does anyone remember the maker of these? I met a guy @ a kayak show who was wearing them and i forget the make and model he told me, seems they were kokatat but i’m not sure. thanks for any info.

Kokatat and others such as Palm or
Stohlquist do make such. I encourage you to get a “bib” that mates to a drytop. Paddling pants that have ankle gaskets or booties can become a danger if one takes a swim in them. The legs fill up with water which does not have a way to exit. A “bib” mates in a fairly watertight way to a drytop so that water cannot fill the pants. You might also watch for a bargain on a full drysuit with booties.

I have a Stohlquist drytop and a Palm bib. The bib has breathable fabric booties which do not admit water but allow some of my perspiration to escape. The drytop and bib, worn together in a 67 degree house, are just tolerable, not quite too warm for comfort. Obviously for cold weather I would add socks inside the booties and Polartec or other insulation inside the bib and drytop. The booties must be protected by sandals or wetsuit boots.

whew! …
thanks folks …i’m not going nuts! …i could not remember or find them online earlier.

NRS has a few…
NRS has a few that may be of interest.