Paddling partner NYC


I'm looking for a kayaking partner for a trip this Thursday or Friday (Sept. 22 or 23).
I have a tandem Folbot Greenlander II (a folding kayak).
You are welcome to join me in my kayak or, if you have your own, I can probably keep up with you reasonably well in my tandem.
I live in Brooklyn, have a car, there are plenty of options and waterways to explore.
I am male, 37, can paddle at a decent pace for several hours without breaks.
If this sounds like a good match, drop me a line.


In future possibly on weekends when time permits. I go all winter 32* and up. I have a tandem Current Designs Libra XT, Solstice, Extreme HV, & Nomad. Male also. Wife would probably get upset if I was out with Female. She’s not allow to go out after water drops to 60* and below. She doesn’t like it cold anyway. I have dry suit launch in backyard near Jones Inlet. Plenty of bays too hit. Fairly strong paddler also. I usually like to go. 8-20 miles. Like looking for seals! Can travel also to city.