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I just read the article about paddling with a bad partner. I’m sorry to say I had a similar paddling partner who was out for the adventure but as it turns out had no real skills and less sense. I agree with the author of the article as I’ve had a similar hard lesson. Any partner will not do. I now paddle out only with a partner(s)whose judgement I can trust.

Hard Lesson…

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selecting good partners is important, especially in anything more textured than mild chop.

I love that kayak truism. "Never less than three..." unless the other two don't have a clue and don't even know they don't. In which case, you're far safer alone!


I’m confused
The article I read on P-net described a paddling partner who was the writer’s alter ego (poor judgment), not an actual 2nd person.

Are we talking about the same article?

I have had to deal with both kinds of paddling partners. At least I have some control over the alter-ego kind. The other kind is much more problematic.

gives new meaning to the phrase - -
" I’m with Stupid "

Unfortunately, Stupid is the only one around when I get to paddle.

Maybe this explains why some think I’m crazy - - They think I’m talking to myself when in reality, I’m talking to ‘stupid’

Forest Gump - - - Stipid is as stupid does - - eeeekk

My hat is off to you
a lesser person would have deleted the thread.

Since your close, you can always paddle with some nspn folks, andthen stay active with the club or just paddle with the few you meek and feel the need to paddle with.

I hope to paddle with you, but my back has to get much better first.