Paddling performance workout routines

I looked in the archive, but could find no information on this subject. Any help will be appreciated.

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Best way to train for paddling os to paddle. Outside of that - As many ways to train as there are trainees.

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been there is the best machine. And a concept rowing machine. Have ordered dvd of world kayak championships to watch while working out. Have posters on wall where I work out and pics of races and boat# stickers on wall. watch movies. Every year I get beat by paddlers from Canada who xc ski and hike all winter. Training is about fitness, eating well and get to it and do it. My stomach is like gas tank on car. Put lots of miles on the car and do not add much fuel. Workout partner at gym does help.

You need to give more info
What are your goals?

Is it racing or just increasing your stamina, or just an overall workout?



This has been very helpful. I’m looking to improve my strength & stamina on order that I can make a creditable showing in river races next year. Also, I have to lose weight, but I know what I have to do in that regard.

What seems to work for me.
Prior to a race I work out a schedule backwards from it so that I will try to be in my best condition on race day for that particular length race.

I try to get in at least two training sessions a week with one of them being long intervals.

If I were younger,(in my thirties or fourties) I would try to make that four sessions, but I am pretty old and any more than two hard ones a week would be a little too much.

If I am building up from scratch, (the first race of the season) and the race is a six miler, the week before the race I want my work outs to

be seven milers, the week before that six, the week before that five, etc.

On the interval day I try to hold a six MPH pace for a mile, and then coast for about a minute and then another six mph pace mile, etc. I shoot for 6MPH since that is about my maximum. Shoot for what you think you can do.

If you are into wind or current you might not be able to make your goal, but still shoot for it.

On the second day I will shoot for the full length without a break at 5.8 MPH, (no faster and no slower) Once again you need to pick your speed (a couple tenths MPH slower than your race goal).

After the first race of the season it should be quite easy for you to maintain your fitness level between races and shoot for higher speeds.

As you noted yourself, if you are overweight work on loosing the excess pounds.

I worked out my training from my old running and biking days, and I firmly believe that anybody can be competitive if they work at it and stick to a regular schedule. Make it tough for yourself, but yet realistic.

Hope this helps a little,

I noted you are from Georgia. Are there any upcoming races around in the next month?