Paddling PFD

Just bought a Wenonah Spirit II. Looking for a better life jacket. I have a 52" chest and am looking for comfort. Most jackets I am seeing top out at 50". Any recommendations on a bigger jacket, or is it just time to get out of the gym?

Stohlquist Drifter
I’m a big fella too and this is the vest I have. It’s real comfortable and a 2XL will fit you.

SOSpender sport model
I too have a 52" chest and recently purchased the SOSpender sport model from Cabela’s. They are rated for 52", so I was prepared to sew on a bit more webbing if necessary, but fortunately, they are bigger than advertised. Mine fits perfectly with about 6" to spare. When I use it, I hardly even know I am wearing it.

Mark Hagy

Stolquist makes a better model from the drifter if you need some front pockets. They make the “Motion” model.

I checked with my local dealer, and they said it was not available, but I found it on “” in XXL. They also have it on sale right now for $109.95 with Free Shipping.

I got one and it fits me very well, with a 50" chest. It is even pretty loose so I had to tighten the straps. The XL was just too tight and was uncomfortable.

Check out, and you will get a great deal if you buy one.

Happy Paddling!