Paddling Portsmouth, NH

Looking for advice paddling the Portsmouth NH area.

not hardly wilderness. However north and west of the I 95 bridge there are plenty of bays for kayaking. Know your tide tables and tide delays to avoid slogging in the flats at low tide.
Isle of Shoals from Rye is an ambitious trip. And you have to pray the weather holds.
Kittery Point ME

I went to Browns River Launch on Sunday. I will update the map site with the pics.

Besides the tides, I think the next most important thing to remember how crowded all the sites can be, especially with fishing yaks, which greatly outnumber the long boats. Its hard to find parking.

Well you picked a Sunday an hour from Boston!

Anybody reading this should be aware of the crowds in all sites around Portsmouth into account before making plans. Nonetheless I got in.

Nothing new… It is summer late as it is… I don’t usually use boat launches on weekends here in Maine.

Its probably new for any one not familiar with the area