Paddling Rags

I have seen a number of paddling/kayaking magazines and wanted to get a few opinions on the ones available. I am mostly interested in sea kayaking, but also do inland areas.

I’ve searched the archives and not found much. Maybe I am not using the right keywords.



get Sea kayaker.

I’ve been looking around a bit as well. So far, I like Sea Kayaker and Canoe & Kayak. C&K tends to be a bit heavy on the ads though…


Sea Kayaker
I appreciate the input. I agree, seems like you can’t pick up a magazine these days without 75% of it being sucked up by ad space.

I get Sea Kayaker and C&K
Been happy with both. I’ve read Paddler and Amer. Rivers or something similar didn’t care for them as much.


this IS the paddling rag : )
i quit killing trees when i found the web…

You might also consider
Wavelength Magazine

Atlantic Coastal Kayaker

But I agree Sea Kayaker is the best all-around magazine for those interested in kayak touring.

If you subscribe to Paddler, then you
a) can join ACA-if you’re not already a member.

b) occasionally get some good scoop on the direction of the industry.

c) can enter sweepstakes usually with each issue.

d) can learn the latest whitewater moves.

e) read about the golden boy, mike mccrea, in each issue, props to the latest contraption/contribution.

Sea Kayaker

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More good information, less testosterone & fluff than most other paddling magazines. I'm wary of magazines -- like the last issue of Paddler -- where every line on the cover is followed by an exclamation point.