Paddling Savannah Georgia???

I just found out that I am going to be attending a school near Augusta, GA starting in July and ending mid-October. The nearest coastal access is Savannah, GA…although it will take a couple of hours to get there.

I figure I will head down there on selected weekends to camp and spend the weekend sea kayaking.

Does anyone paddle in that area or know anything about the paddling there? I am assuming it is pretty calm, warm water, hopefully with some good scenery.



Fantastic Paddling
My lovely wife and I lived in Savannah for a few years…the paddling is incredible.

Check out Sea Kayak Georgia on Tybee Island Dale and his staff are regional experts and can give you the low down on Low Country paddling.

You could always paddle from Augusta TO Savannah! I did it a couple years ago…pretty cool trip and the entire river is navigable from Augusta all the way to the ocean. You can check out photos and the story on my web-site:



Lake Murray near Columbia SC
also a pretty neat paddle and closer…

Look up SKG
Touch base with Dale’s crew at Sea Kayak Georgia on Tybee Island. Beautiful area to paddle. Also big surf in the Triangle as the Tybee empties out.

See you on the water,


Hi, I live in Augusta and there several ways to access the Savannah river in and around Augusta. Additionally beside the River in Augusta is the Augusta Canal. It was built in 1845 and still powers bussinesses in downtown Augusta Also up river is what I beleive is the largest Corps of engineers impoundment east of the Mississippi, Lake Thurmond. To the south of Augusta there are several Rivers upon which multiple day trips available. Hope you enjoy your stay and get plenty of paddling in.

Check Out
While you are in that area check out the barrier islands like Jeckyl and Saint Simons.

And also check out the beaches south of JAX.

And don’t miss the Edisto River in
South Carolina.

Sea Kayak Georgia

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Check in at Sea Kayak Georgia as well. There's a lot of nice areas around Tybee Island as well. They'd have the local info for you.

the url is

Place to stay at Tybee Island
My wife and I have stayed here:

a couple of times during the off-season, and found it pleasant and affordable.

Check out the reedy channels and moat at Fort Pulaski.


nice story
you certainly pack alot of gear on your deck. The Cape Horn does have alot of interior space and you still needed to lash all that stuff on board?


wow. good trip tho. heavy current/ big tides can be the norm out west on the right week!

where you planning this year?


Another place to call in Savannah
You also might want to try

Nigel has a wealth of knowledge and experience and was one of Dales top guides before going out on his own.

That’s because he was eating things…
like cubed pork fried up in a dutch oven. : () yum, yum, yum, I never eat like that while on trips! Heres’s another one that sent my mind off on a fridge mission:

“I made camp at the top of the sandbar, built a fire and started preparing my meal. This time I had a really good meal of browned ground beef, taco seasoning, a can of Rotel tomatoes all mixed together and topped with some shredded cheese. I used nacho chips to scoop it out.”

Good eatin,’

Augustus Dogmaticus


yeah but
I can eat like that and still get everything inside my Tempest.

I have run multi day trips in sea boats where appetizers, a multiple course meal and a fresh baked dessert were all on the ‘menu’. and everyone was in reasonable sized boats w/o stuff piled on deck.