Paddling Schodack to Albany NY Hudson R

I want to complete the Hudson River and the tides look good for Schodack to Albany/Troy. But this area is packed with safety and security zones, petroleum storage, cargo. In fact, a couple of years ago the Coast Guard was warning boaters to not take pictures of the Port of Albany via regular broadcasts on 22A.

The marine traffic is light and most ships announce securite when leaving.

Is it possible to paddle up there without getting turned around or worse?

home turf
We paddle that stretch regularly, at times with a large and less than perfectly organized group. We take pics of interesting boats and wander close in among the docked cargo ships at times. No one has ever given us grief.

I am often one of the leaders and usually have my vhf on alert in my day hatch. If the ships are announcing anything, it isn’t on the channels we get.

Watch out for the barges. They have a tendency to ignorr no wake zones.

When are you doing this? Some local could probably give you company and a shuttle back to the schodack island park. We have a fee nys retirees these days.

Not a problem
What Celia said - keep shore, and you will stay out of trouble. The eastern shore has less entanglements. Watch out for the rowing shells - man do they fly.


Thanks for Offer and Info
Thanks for the offer Celia. And thanks for the info.

When I was down south I would hear vessels announcing that they were leaving and sure enough they would show up 1 to 2 hours later. I will keep a sharper eye out. Just concerned about traffic leaving/entering the channel and docking/undocking.