Paddling Shorts

I am looking for a pair of paddling shorts that will provide bridge between full length cold water leg coverage and summer swimsuit. I would like to wear these in only mildy cold water when the outside temperature is relatively warm.

Ideally, it should provide some submerged insulation yet still breath when not under water. I was intrigued by a pair of Mountain Surf Aquashell shorts I saw on sale, but they didn’t have my size and they aren’t made any more. Anyone have experience with these shorts or with similar products containing the polatec aqua shell fabric, such as Kokatat’s Surfskins?

Should I just get neoprene shorts? How about fuzzy rubber?

fuzzy rubber - so cozy
I recently got a pair of the Bomber Gear fuzzy rubber shorts that were being sold on eBay. They fit the use you describe perfectly. Too bad they are not being made anymore, either. I’m not sure what brands are still available in this material, but it’s worth looking for.


JL Padded Rowing Trous
I really like the padded shorts from JL, designed for rowers, they have thick fleece in the inside of the butt area, protects the tail & seat bones well. They are well made and are of heavy construction, but I wear them most of the year except for in extremely hot weather. Pam

Something Else to look into.
NRS hydroskin shorts.

For what you are talking about I wear Oneil 2mm surfing shorts, I believe they are called Reactor Shorts, when I wear them I am getting wet quite a bit and they are very comfortable.

IR Neo Guide Short
Immersion Research Neoprene Lined Guide Short

Fits exactly that transitional water temperature where you need something but don’t need to bring out the heavy armor for winter paddling yet.

See you on the water,


Thanks . . .
. . . for the recommendations! Does anyone out there have experience with the Aquashell or Surfskin material?

aqua shell shorts
these are the ones… i have tried and sold all the others. i wear the vest when appropiate and find the temperature range and comfort level extraordinary!

no more neoprene butt, and no more odor. i wear a baggy pair of shorts on top to extend the life of the aqua shell.