Paddling/sightseeing in Kentucky

My wife and I will be spending a week later this month in the Mammoth Caves/ Bowling Green, KY area. Mostly caving and sightseeing.

  1. Any must-see places to visit while in the area? We won’t be camping on this trip, but really enjoy hiking and other natural, outdoor stuff.

  2. Any place to rent a kayak and maybe sneak in a little paddling? I’m intermediate-to-advanced, but the missus is just starting out; I’d consider either a solo or a couples daytrip.

    Any suggestions welcome!

Sure are right in the NP

They are right outside Mammoth Cave Park boundary and will rent you gear and shuttle you for a float down the Greeen River.

We did a 7.5 mile paddle this spring…longer paddle opportunities are available.

We were able to easily do a cave tour in the morning and a paddle in the afternoon in March.

second vote for paddling in the park
it had been 25 years since I had been in a canoe and the youngest daugher had never been, so we used the livery just outside Mammoth Cave NP, they dropped off the canoe and picked us up 4 hours later. We had already done the cave tour so the caves you see as you paddle along made more sense to her. We also did a 6 mile hike in the park, so there are lot’s of things to experience there.

Thanks for the replies!

Will be sure to check them out when we get down there.

After several days spent in caves, I’ll probably be ready for a little sunshine and fresh air …