Paddling solo on a sit-on-top double??

I’m an experienced flat water (mostly ocean) paddler used to boats over 14 feet. Also have 27 foot sailboat, and carry a 12 foot Perception sit-on-top on foredeck to paddle nearby offshore islands when anchored for weekend.

A lady friend (intermediate paddler)would like me to get a double instead - but I know I’ll paddle it solo more often than double.

I’ve never paddled any of the little doubles - but see many advertise a third seating position. How do they paddle as solo boats? One 12 foot boat is the maximum my sailboat can carry (and a ten footer would be easier to stow). Folding or inflatables are out - must be rigid.

Can you rank the doubles suitability for my situation?

How about the Tequila sectional SOT, you can swap the extra section in or out to suit.

May not be your answer, but
what about one of these?

ok cabo
my first kayak which i still own was an ocean kayak cabo. its 17’ 2" an at 30’ wide, fairly narrow for a SOT tandem. when i purchased it i thought the wife (now ex) would come along and i would also paddle it solo from the center spot. she never made it on board.

i paddled this boat from the center position for many miles that year, even surfed it from the rear position.

i can tell you that while paddling from the center spot this boat was very susceptible to weathercocking.

while i have not paddled it solo in many years i still enjoy it as a tandem and dont think i will ever get rid of it.

Hobie Odyssey
Works well for solo paddling from center seat . See reviews. Heavy boat though.