Paddling Specific Exercises

Anybody out there do any paddling specific exercises when they’re at the gym? I figure “just get out there and paddle” will be a common response, but going to the gym everyday on my lunch hour is a given in my life. It keeps me from working through lunch and helps me de-stress a little. If I’m going to be there anyway I might as well do something to benefit my paddling while I’m there.

Look to your left!
Click on “Guidelines” and then exercises.

Didn’t know that was there.

Anything Core Related will help
I have recently gotten into working out with a “Core Program” which is basically everything done on one of those big rubber balls from side laterals to tons of different ab workouts. I forget what there called but they have them at all physical therapy rehab centers. I love it cause your risk of injury is low and for example theres more variety to what you can do in range of motion. And it’s constantly engaging your core and improving your balance which has got to be good for kayak rolling, just by staying on the ball. I do know that the reverse fly, bent over row and upright row are good. If you want to target for kayaking purposes, for example the forward stroke, you want to go after anything in the back, hips and abs. Torso Rotation. For the record, I no nothing about being a personal trainer and have no certification or degree in the field. Im not a fitness freak but I love this core workout stuff. here is a link to show what Im talking about its not great I have a different core sequence I go through but its just to give you an idea

that link got messed up here
type in a google search: “Core Exercises for Kayakers” then it will show the search I wanted to post

second that

Eye exercise
Just walk around and look at the the women. They are fantastic. Your blood pressure will go up and your neck will get a great workout. Don’t fool with the machines. They distract from the exercise. Now you’ll have something to think about while you paddle and get some real exercise.

Oblique machine

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There's one machine at the gym that many kayaker friends call the hip snap machine. Every gym has them. Not sure of the name.

You sit with your legs spread to a "V" and they are held by pads. You grab the padded handles and do a torso rotation to the right or left with whatever resistance you set the machine on. You know the one I mean?

That is right on the money for a hip snap or leaning your kayak. Those rotation muscles get used constantly in kayaking. I always put some time on that machine.

Stretch a lot and possible Yoga type of stuff.

one piece of advice

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ditch the gym.

Just my opinion only but you can get the fitness you need outside of a gym, sometimes even outside period, with exercises geared toward function. All you need are some therabands, barbells or hand weights, and a big inflatable ball.

Again just my opinion but I think gyms are a racket unless you're there to socialize (and sometimes even then).

There is a DVD out there called
Yoga for Paddlers.

excercises I do for paddling
I do multiple grip chin ups and pull ups and use a fairly light weight doing what is known as lawn mowers. I set a weight by my foot and pull to my hips using my back and rotating my torso ( with bent knees ) then I switch sides. Other than that going out and paddling best conditions you for paddling.

there is some good info in the Barton Mold which is a book written about Gregg Barton a gold medalsit in kayaking. It is available on the epic website. here is a link to the chapter involved, check page #5:

There is also good info on technique as well.

What I do is leg presses that simulate the push of leg one at a time, bench press, lat pulls, one handed rows where I concentrate on torso rotation, two handed rows, bicep curl, triceps, and shrugs. Then I do ab work and spend time doing plank exercises (like a push up staying still in up position for 4 minutes and variations; these were recomended by a paddling semi-god).

I like to go to the gym and it helps my paddling. I try to do exercise that mimick paddling movements using good technique. I don’t think that you have to go to the gym to be a good paddler but I enjoy it.