Paddling story's

Looking for a new paddling story to read.

I’ve already read the Don Starkell strips and just read about the Freya paddling around Australia.

read blogs about two guys paddling the great loop.

I’m looking for something new.

Any suggestions?



Colin Angus
Colin Angus has a few books that are pretty good. I forget the names at the moment but one was a Mongolia trip, there is an Amazon one as well.

Dan Caldwell

Rapid Media TV Guy

Survival of the Bark Canoe
Or anything else by Mcphee (though only the title above is about paddling). Awesome writer.

I read a book by a Canadian father & son who paddled the Amazon, but can’t recall the title. I can’t recall the title, but I’ll take a look around and see if it’s still here. It was a decent read. A quick search turned up the following website which has a few books it cites as the “best,” so that link is next:

is on that site as well and may be a good source.

Hope you find something good that you haven’t already read.


Confessions of a Wave Warrior
There is an excerpt of Confessions of a Wave Warrior in the Fall 2010 issue of California Kayaker Magazine. That excerpt can be read online for free at

I have heard good things about The Fat Paddler, but haven’t read it yet.

The View from the Canoe
try my blog for short readings.

365 days so far.

Here’s a great one!

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River of Darkness
Francisco Orellana's Legendary Voyage of Death and Discovery Down the Amazon
By Buddy Levy
Bantam Books/New York

One of the "best" adventure books I've "ever" read.

Another two............

Lawrence, The Uncrowned King of Arabia
By Michael Asher
Overlook Press/New York

Hemingway's Boat
Everything He Loved, and Lost 1934-1961
By Paul Hendrickson
Alfred A. Knopf/New York

Where Rivers Run
"Where Rivers Run" follows Gary and Joanie McGuffins trip from The St. Lawrence seaway to Tuktoyaktuk over two paddling seasons.

It’s a great read.

I’m currently reading “Shantyboat, A River Way Of Life” by Harlan Hubbard.

Excellent book.

The River of Doubt
At once an incredible adventure narrative and a penetrating biographical portrait, The River of Doubt is the true story of Theodore Roosevelt’s harrowing exploration of one of the most dangerous rivers on earth.

The River of Doubt—it is a black, uncharted tributary of the Amazon that snakes through one of the most treacherous jungles in the world. Indians armed with poison-tipped arrows haunt its shadows; piranhas glide through its waters; boulder-strewn rapids turn the river into a roiling cauldron.

The Starship & the Canoe
by Kenneth Brower. It’s about Freeman Dyson the astrophysicist and his societal “dropout” & kayaker son George. Both very interesting people.

Paddl’ing st’or’ies’
In the Wake of the Joman - john Turk

Oh, one other worth mention
Farley Mowat’s “The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be,” has a passage fairly early in the book about the time his father and a friend attempted to boat from landlocked Saskatchewan to the gulf. All I can say is that it is well worth reading.


Rushton & His Times in American Canoeing
Great book available from the Adirondack Museum. Rushton was the father of modern canoeing, and a lot of what we enjoy about canoeing today got its start with Rushton and his contemporaries.

Rushton built the first ultra-light cedar strip canoe for George Washington Sears, aka Nessmuk, one of the first white men to paddle alone through the Adirondacks.

There’s a bonus section with plans for many of Rushton’s canoes.

Fascinating book, couldn’t put it down.

"Running the Amazon"
By Joe Kane. The first full-length navigation ofthe Amazon from source to sea. Well-written, absorbing adventure, a classic of its kind. From the blurb:

“The voyage began in the lunar terrain of the Peruvian Andes, where coca leaf is the only remedy against altitude sickness. It continued down rapids so fierce they could swallow a raft in a split second. It ended six months and 4,200 miles later, where the Amazon runs gently into the Atlantic. Joe Kane’s personal account of the first expedition to travel the entirety of the world’s longest river is a riveting adventure in the tradition of Joseph Conrad, filled with death-defying encounters: with narco-traffickers and Sendero Luminoso guerrillas and nature at its most unforgiving. Not least of all, Running the Amazon shows a polyglot group of urbanized travelers confronting their wilder selves – their fear and egotism, selflessness and courage.”

Three great different adventures
Jon Turk’s Cold Oceans

Joshua Slocum’s Sailing Alone Around the World

We Swam the Grand Canyon (can’t remember the author’s name; book is out of print)

A few…
Homelands by Byron Ricks

Cruise of the Blue Flugin by Ken Wise

We Survived Yesterday by John Reseck

The Enchanted Vagabonds

here is two
two solo on the Missouri

One source to sea

the other to St. Louis

Mark Kalch-paddling 7 longest rivers on 7 continents. And or google him, a good blog of his solo hike from the north to the south border of Iran last year too.

and Bob Bellingham

Chris Duff -
“On Celtic Tides”

“Southern Exposure”

Ditto on…
…Southern Exposure.

"Death on the Barrens"
and just about any adventure book that the Piragis Northwoods catalog lists for good reads.

Jon Turk
In the Wake of the Jomon