Paddling technique help

I made a short (52 second) video of me paddling my skin-on-frame canoe, and posted it on Youtube. I’m interested in comments and suggestions on my paddling technique. It can be found here:
It’s a 12 ft. canoe with a beam of about 25 inches. It’s made with western red cedar lengthwise pieces and white oak ribs. Weighs about 20 lb.

enjoyed the video, thanks for sharing it. I once asked an aca ww instructor trainer how to properly low angle paddle? He said “you’ll figure that out on your own”. It is even harder to know what to tell you when you are paddling a canoe with a kayak paddle. In general, I would say to go for a bit more core rotation. Your arms seem to be doing amost all the moving/work. This could in part be a function of how the boat is set up, it’s height, and the length of the paddle. Think about twisting a bit at the waist to engage some back muscles and engaging bigger muscle groups.

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