Paddling Technique

Has anyone seen this YouTube Video? It is kinda long but interesting.

I am going have to try that.


I had seen it
Thanks for posting that. I had seen it and think it is great. I use that stroke that they call the Canadian a lot. I thought it was called the Indian stroke.

My wife and I tried that thing they demonstrated end to end turning as if the canoes are blades on a pinwheel. Sorry for the lame wording, but I don’t know a better way to say it. Anyway, we didn’t do that well at all.

One thing, I think the more tumblehome your boat has, the less stable it will be heeled over to the gunwale.

I’m also trying to get better at paddling backwards. Don’t know why.

Chuey Canoey

that is cool
i’d seen it before, but it’s worth watching a hundred times

i do a little of that canadian stuff in my wood strip bob special. it’s a lot of fun, another canoeing discipline to practice.

for me, it’s like my pimp-mobile. i take it to the local rivers and bays to cruise and take it easy on a sunny afternoon.

Back Ferry
Very useful in rapids (although very difficult if the boat is trimmed stern-heavy). With a back ferry, you can come up to something (say a ledge) you don’t like the looks of, and back ferry across the current to find a slot you like better. Keep practicing!