Paddling The Broken Group Islands

Hello folks,

I have recently returned from an awesome kayaking trip to Broken Group Islands. BGI are the part of Pacific Rim National Park. It is true natural jewel and paddler’s paradise. Here is the link to the BGI video, which is an episode from my video podcast called British Columbia Outback.



Very nice…
…I caught that at WCP and posted it here about two weeks ago. Very well done, my friend.

Alas, not much interest at this board in the kind of paddling we do in our corner of the world.

Guess we get to keep it to ourselves.

I leave early tomorrow morning for a month paddling from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy.


Thanks Jon
Hello Jon,

thanks for your response.

I wish you a wonderful trip. That’s too bad that I did not know earlier, I would love to join you. Maybe some other time. Let me know when you get back how was it.

my e-mail:



…Superb work that you do. When you first posted it at WCP I spent some time looking at the other work at the site. It’s all exceptional! I wish you were going with us. I would love to appear in one of your films ;o))

from Paul
Well, you know what? Let’s plan some trip together. When you come back, give me a shout and we can plan something together.

Looking forward to hear from you.