Paddling the Colorado River Delta

For those of you interested in paddling the Sea of Cortez, here’s a brief photo essay I did for the Baja Insider online magazine:



Thanks for sharing!
Have always dreamed of paddling there; nice to find the forum site too.

Thanks for sharing that. Very interesting.

I’m not sure whether the movie included this (didn’t see it yet) but in the book ‘Into the Wild’, Chris McCandless tries to paddle down the Colorado to the Sea of Cortez… sounds easy enough, but as your report so nciely illustrates, paddling this area isn’t so simple.

Yeah, we didn’t come down the river like it appears McCandless did - though I’d like to someday. The region and people are so amazing and dynamic, just like the sea and tides are - adaptation to local conditions… Its so close to humanity but the dynamics of the winds, tides and topography make it feel like a very isolated place …