Paddling the Columbia River

Hi, paddling friends!

Last year I posted here about a 140-mile kayak trip on the Columbia River, and you were all wonderfully supportive. I got great advice, met a couple of cool paddling clubs, and was really grateful for some new friendships. We posted photos from the river, which was really fun. (Though it terrified my mom.)

My team and I have decided to make paddling the Columbia River (1200+ miles) a multi-year project. This year we’re biting off another 150 miles, and I just thought I’d share some fun photos in case any of you are interested in following along.

Thanks, everybody! Happy paddling.


Very nice!
I’ll be watching for more.


Lake Roosevelt

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Nice trip reports. Have you ever been on the lake above? 184 miles behind Grand Coulee Dam. I was thinking of several canoes lashed together with a deck and an outboard motor.

I remember your posts from last year.
Great job! Keep it up!

Vancouver !

tent repair ?

cook fish ?

video creek !

nice stuff CharlotteAustin…