Paddling the 'Hooch

What is a good 10-15 mile Hooch paddle starting near the Buford dam?

Directions to put-in and takeout would be great. Thanks.

GK, we’re doing this on Aug. 23.

Not without me!
Buford Dam to Abbotts Bridge 14 miles.


00.00 Buford Dam N 34 09’ 464

W 084 04’ 634

8.81 Beanee Weenee Rock N 34 03’ 208

(lunch break) W 084 06’ 201

14.08 Abbotts Bridge N 34 01’ 714

W 084 10’103

Bathrooms located at put-in and take-out.

But how far is that
in Beanie Weenies?

That sounds good. How do I get to
those places by road?All I really need is a nearby address.

3 can trip
One for breakfast

One at Beanee Weenee Rock

One at the end to celebrate.

Paddlin’ on


You got mail

Got it. Sent another.