Paddling the Hudson River

I’m trying to get some info on launching from and paddling the Hudson River,NY. Does anyone know any good launch and pick up sites?

I would like to Start somewhere up by the GW Bridge and paddle down past the bottom of Manhattan. Pick up on either NJ or NY side works for me.

Thanks to anyone that can help point me in the right direction.

Try Hudson River Water Trail Assn

Try These
There are a few places to put in, there is the boat basin in Alpin which is a few miles from the bridge, there is the Engelwood Cliffs Boat Basin which is about 2-3 miles from the bridge (car parking is $5.00) all day until dusk. There is also a put in at the foot of the bridge where very small trailer boats and jets skis put in…finally there is a park with washrooms, a small beach on the side of the GWB…towards NJ…you can put in there as well…happy paddling.


If you go a little further north…
There is a very nice put in at Cold Spring. Very scenic with sharp mountains rising on both sides and Bannermans Island. It’s an historical landmark from the Spanish-American war, I believe. That’s just below the Newburgh bridge. A nice day trip if you’re so inclined and have some time.

ADK Club

Liberty State Park, NJ
If you put in at any of Wally’s spots, you can take out Liberty State Park in Jersey.

Don’t get too close to the Statue of Liberty, or you will be shot.

NY Kayak or Manhattan Kayak on the Manhattan side.

Pollopel Island
Then again, you are from Connecticute…Ct. for a bit of history.



The Hudson River Watertrail Guide
The book is available at some EMS stores. I’m sure you can mail order it from their website as well. It has very detailed charts, launch points, directions to launch points and whatever interesting features for every stretch of the river.