Paddling the Hudson River

I am prompted to post this after reading an article in the September 2010 “OUTSIDE” magazine about a guy who has made several attempts to build a raft and float down the entire length of the Hudson River. Has anyone paddled (canoe? kayak?) the entire length of the Hudson River??

Would depend on what you define as
the “entire length.” There will always be sections up at the headwaters of a ww river where only steep creek kayaker types are going to try it. And down where the river gets wide and flat, the sort of kayakers who could handle the rapids at the headwaters may simply refuse to do the flatwater. Last year when I paddled the Schroon, we drove along the Hudson ww sections. What is seen from the road is relatively easy. We didn’t see anything I would call the “Hudson Gorge.” But I could imagine someone in a canoe, or a kayak with ww features, running most of the ww at the upper end of the Hudson and then continuing through Albany (ugh) and on down past Manhattan.

I saw that
in my dr.'s office the other day. Wanted to take it with me but I left it. Didn’t have my glasses, just saw I think 2 pics. One looked like the side of a sub with windows? Other looked like something on a table with 2 guys standing behind it. Squinted and read that he spent $20,000 so far?..saw the map also…I liked that magazine, thinking about subscribing to it…also loike the gear section…got me confused also about the Hudson.

believe it’s been done few times
Peter Lourie wrote a book, “River of Mountains” (1995, ISBN 0-8156-0315-0)about his journey from Lake Tear (of the clouds) to NY harbour. It’s a pretty good read

Paddling the Hudson
I went from the bridge over route 90? 95? at Albany to Manhattan in 1985. 3 nights and all stealth camping. Used a folbot. Had a friend meet me in NYC and then we went to the east end of Long Island and paddled to that little island off the coast, Fishers I think. Damn, that was a long time ago.

it’s just a big river
I read that article in my doctor’s office, too, and was wondering what was so difficult about rafting or paddling on that section of the Hudson. I got the impression that the guy just wasn’t very good at building rafts and navigating.

River of Mountains
I concur with GlenL. I read Peter Lourie’s book, “River of Mountains” and enjoyed it immensely. If I remember correctly he used 3 different canoes as he proceeded downstream and the river changed character.

hudson gorge
the gorge is off of rt 28n north going toward newcomb take the north woods club road to the parking just before huntley pond and take the trail . nice hike

there are raft rides down the indian river to the hudson and the gorge