Paddling the Manicouagan Crater

Hey everyone,

I’ve been fascinated by Québec’s Manicouagan Crater for some time now, and have been considering doing a circumnavigation trip this summer 2023.

I guess my post has two uses:

  1. has anyone paddled this before and can you offer advice on the excursion? Canoe or kayak? Starting point? Equipment? Length of time to plan?

  2. is anyone interested in joining?

From my preliminary research, this is a 10-14 day trip, on large, open sections of water, and is considered advanced by most trip reports I’ve seen. Most have gone the trip in sea kayaks or collapsible kayaks, and a few in canoes with spray decks. I’m happy to do either, whichever appears to be safer and easier given equipment availability.

Look forward to hearing from you all!


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