paddling the Netherlands

I have friends I would like to visit in the Netherlands, and thought it would be nice to do some paddling as well. Unfortunately, It has been very difficult to come up with any good info. Everything I can find ends up involving bicycling!. I have nothing against bicycling, but an outfitter that would provide a little of both would be wonderful. Does anybody out there have any helpful suggestions or names of outfitters?


which area? It’s small, but still some miles to travel…

You may also ask him:

the Weerribben
is my favorite place to paddle in the Netherlands.

Canoes and kayaks can be rent at

From there on you can go a bit to the south,

to the beautiful ‘Wieden’

or go to the north

and make a (long) trip in ‘Friesland’ which has lots of nice lakes and ‘canals’.

some links

And last but not least my own seakayakforum;