Paddling the Outer Banks NC

We will be staying in Kitty Hawk NC the first week of July. I’ve heard that it is nice to kayak in the Alligator River Nature Reserve. I suppose early morning would be the suggested time. Are there too many bugs in the evening? I noticed on the map there are different places (red, blue, green,) - any suggestions of this or other places to paddle nearby would be helpful.

you could find an outfitter and ask them
the Alligator river is nice, bugs are worse in the evening. There are a couple of different routes, but none stands out over the others.

Many Paddle Opportunities
You will find many differant paddle destinations in the area and will be able to pick and choose. You likely should contact an outfitter as already said.

As for the bugs, yep the NC coast in summertime, expect them. They are worst at sunrise and the hour after and sunset and the hour before. Five plus miles per hour of wind will drive them away so they are less of a pest on the shore.

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Other Books
include: Guide to Sea Kayaking in North Carolina by Pam Malec and Sea Kayaking the Carolinas by Jim Bannon.

Then, too, wait for liv2paddle to weigh-in. Thats Dan’s baliwick.

Any day on the water is a great day.


Paddling N.C.
Consider Bear Island which is part of Hammocks Beach State Park. Outside magazine rated it as one of the 10 best beaches in the U.S. You can call Barrier Island Kayaks in Swansboro N.C. for details at 252-393-6457. You can paddle in the sound or ocean and there is a nice trail thru the marsh. Vaughn Fulton

Bear Island is about 6 hours away
You either drive an 1.5 hours take 2 ferrys and drive another 1.5 hours, or you drive around Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds.

It is a great place to paddle and the BIK crew are all great folks.

Thanks so much
Thanks everyone for the suggestions, it’s very helpful. Any day on the water is a good one.