Paddling the Tandem Canoe DVD?

My canoe instructor isn’t coming through with my lessons so I’m thinking about buying a DVD from Amazon on how to paddle. Is it worth it or should I get a book?

I’m now one for three. The first two trips in the canoe I flipped the two of us. The last trip this Wed we managed to stay upright throughout the four hour float although we did turn backwards twice during swift water but we didn’t turn over so there is hope. We were on the Buffalo River in Arkansas.

Don’t know about DVD…
…but the book you’re looking for is “Paddle Your Own Canoe” by the Gary and Joanie McGuffin. It’s the best instructional book I’ve seen, and it looks great on our coffee table between readings. Inspiring photos too!

Caleb Davis
I also highly recommend Caleb Davis’s Traditional Flatwater Canoeing DVD from

Lots of info available free
Before you spend your hard earned money, I recommend you check out all the free resources available. For videos, I really like Canoeing TV on Youtube. This clip on the “3 Golden Rules” will help the balance and control problems you are having: Also, the Bill Mason Path of the Paddle films are old, but still awesome. You get those free from the Canadian Film Board. Here’s the tandem paddling clip:

For reading, be sure to read all the “Guidelines” articles right here on pnet. The “In the Same Boat” ones too. And then check your local library for canoeing books. I like Cliff Jacobsen’s books, but there’s a whole bunch of good ones.

Good luck.