Paddling to Bannerman Island

We would like to paddle to Bannerman’s Island on the Hudson and local information relative to good/safe put-ins would be appreciated. Any other first hand information would help.

Cold Spring, NY

Four choices

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Cold Spring. Beacon. Newburgh. Plum Point.

Cold Spring is probably the nicest launch area of the four, but it is the farthest, about 3.5 miles.

Plum Point is closest, but requires crossing the main shipping channel, as would Newburgh. Depending on when you go the channel may be busy with power boats.

It is not legal to land on Bannerman's Island, unless you are part of a paid tour group.

Here are some pictures from a few years ago.

Cold Spring
I agree with Andy that Cold Spring is probably the best point to launch from. If you’re feeling energetic you can head up around the castle and then down to West Point and back. There is also a marsh area that’s nice to explore but beware of the tide changes that could leave you stranded.


Launch site depends on which side of the river you are coming from.

I launch from Plum Point all the time.

Thanks for the good information. What if anything worthwhile of the castle can you see from the water? And a “what if”. What might happen if someone who didnt know the rules landed on the island.

I will be in the are late may and hope to paddle there. I suspect the wind may have some part in the decision on crossing the river?

What if
Most likely nothing.

People do land there.

Or you may be chased away, I have been even though I only got out on the dock to get a copy of the info brochure.

You might even get arrested if it happens to be the sheriff and not the trust people who see you.

Big parts of the walls occasionally collapse. I wouldn’t want to be underneath one when it happens.

You can see the main walls and all the in-water towers from the water. Fees from the tours go to preservation. Don’t poach.

If the wind is from the North there is considerable fetch. More typically spring winds are from the West.

I hear the castle collapsed
but took these photos awhile back

I wouldn’t suggest going there
until you know your destination. It is Pollepel Island where Bannerman’s Island Arsenal is located.


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Launching from Cold Springs it's generally a pretty easy paddle to the island. Like any paddle, if the weather is calling for 25+ winds, you got strong winds. But normally in the summer it's calm and easy. The island is not just a round land mass, it has a lot of nooks and indents - see the photos.

You can also land on the Cold Springs side of the river where there's a lot of places. The South side is a RR track and stone wall comes down in most places.

When you leave from Cold Springs, West Point is just a quarter mile down the river and also a nice place to check out. The N. side of the river is easier and nicer paddling and you're out of the channel.

River Connection
If you have any other questions I recommend you contact Marshall at the River Connection in Hyde Park, NY

Part of it.
Part of the castle collapsed but there’s still plenty standing. Over all it’s a great area to paddle.


N. Side ?
That would be the Troy lock and dam, quite a distance to paddle.

Cold Spring side
I never know my North or south.

Compass or gps :wink: NM