Paddling to Mackinaw Island

Just wondering if anyone has ever paddled to the island from St. Ignace, MI?


Interesting trip
That is 3.3 miles of rough water. I would, but my wife won’t let me unless I update my will.

it’s not a bad paddle if
you start your trip on the East side of St Ignace and land on the N-NE side of the island. That way, you will avoid the ferry trafic. Just keep an eye open for the big ships that pass through the straights. Also, take some blocks of wood or something similar to haul your kayaks up onto when you land - lots of sharp rocks to scratch your hull. I think you would be okay launching from the St. Ignace public dock. When we paddled over we were too much into the ferry trafic since we launched on the West side of St. Ignace.

You can camp on Round Island or better yet there are sixteen campsites on Bois Blanc, Catfish Point. They are first come - first served. No reservation and no fee. Its a fantastic place to camp-I was just there last week.


I would not consider it rough water.
The Straits area is pretty sheltered from the nasty stuff. I’ve never seen waves there more than a foot or two, believe it or not. There’s just no open distance for big fetch, but the wind is still there. You will undoubtedly get freighter traffic, and their wake is something to behold no matter how far off they pass. I’ll second the Round Island/ Bois Blanc Island camping.