Paddling UP entire Missouri blog

Bruce Nelson has been paddling up the river for a few months from St. Louis. He is now in Montana.

Great daily blog and photos of his journey is well worth following

Bruce made it all the way to the Pacific. He paddled from Yankton SD to Three Forks, Montana, with a lot of lining upstream above Fort Peck Reservoir. He hiked from Three Forks to Kamiah, Idaho, and then paddled to the Pacific.

nice blog, thanks for sharing

I don’t get the attraction of going upstream unless it gets me another downstream drainage. I am currently reading “Undaunted Courage” by Ambrose and the Expedition has just left winter with the Mandans.

I met a guy in Denver Jerry Nyre who the first to paddle up the Colorado River to Moab from the Confluence with the Green in Utah. Most people take a jet boat. Jerry explained to me the art of eddy hopping. Not for the faint of heart.