Paddling UP the green river

Hello paddlers,

I am planning on sharing my love for water with my brother who has almost zero paddling experience. Has anyone ever tried paddling up the green river from the confluence with the Colorado to Mineral bottom?


Kruger & Landick 1983
The arrived at the confluence by paddling up the Colorado from the Sea of Cortez.

Read “The Ultimate Canoe Challenge”.

I wouldn’t
make someone with limited experience paddle upstream there. My opinion is based on my experience paddling from Green River, Utah downstream to Mineral Bottom in April – I don’t know what the flows may be like later.

Seems like your love of water is more likely to be contagious if you paddle downstream.

How will you get to the confluence?
I suggest you and your brother practice on the Colorado in the miles above Moab, and see how you work together. Practice without a boatload of camping gear.

I assume you are going to paddle down to the confluence and then do the round trip? It’s doable at the right water levels, probably mid summer this year, and it will be hot as hell; but if levels are too high or too low it’s not going to be much fun for someone’s first paddle experience. You can hire a boat with a motor to take you back up the river or you can do a different beginner friendly paddle, Ruby and Horsethief Canyons is a great first time trip or do Flaming Gorge down to Brown’s hole on the Green.

You can contact the ranger in Canyonlands and they can give you advice. They used to be really helpful, not sure this is the case when they are pretty over worked nowadays.

Green upstream
Plenty of people have gone down the Green and up the Colorado R which has a lot more current. Eddy hopping is an important technique to learn. I wouldn’t try such a stunt with a newbie paddler. You need a very experienced partner in good physical and mental shape.

Verlen Kruger and Steve Landick thats section in the early 1980’s having come up from the Sea of Cortez and paddled all the way up the Green to Farson Wyoming as part of the UCC—the world record 28,000 mile 2 1/2 year paddle trip. Ive paddled from the Confluence UP to Moab on the Colorado if you need any info.