Paddling Village Creek

Hi, all. I’m new to this board, but it looks to be very interesting. We are planning to paddle Village Creek on the 30th with a church group. I am wondering what the recommend range flowrate/water-level is for this creek. We’ll have a very mixed bag as for as experience goes. Thanks to any and all who answer. Mr.Mac

Re: Village Creek
We did a canoe trip down Village Creek a couple of years ago during Spring Break. The water level was fine but there was lots of downed trees in the upper section - some of them completely across the creek requiring portaging. I would contact

the folks at Eastex Canoe Trails for the latest information on creek conditions. They are very good outfitters.

We have used them twice.

New years day

Here are 20 pictures from a trip on Village creek New Years day. If you do a webshots search you will likely find more. I think flow was about 865 feet that day…Do you know about the USGS website with current flow data?

I hope you have a great time!