Paddling w/ and bad hand.

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Hey folks...I am having surgery to re-attach a severed tendon in my right thumb. I'll have a hard splint on my right hand for four to six weeks. That means my Oregon summer of paddling is a no-go. Or is it? Any ideas about how to paddle a kayak with one arm? Has anyone reading this had to make an adjustment like this? I have a very basic duct tape idea, but am open to all suggestions. All my paddling will be calm water trips. Thanks for any suggestions you may have. (Typing is a bit weird, too.)

There is more than one device for one-armed paddlers. Google “paddle with one arm.”

I was in a cast after repair of a
Bennett’s Fracture in Oregon. I was not paddling back in 1970, but I soon learned that I could do many things with my “bad” hand.

The funniest was one day when I had to test a four year old girl. She had one arm in a cast, I had the other.