Paddling with a camera

While browsing I came upon the paddlecam$10_OFF!(Reg._$59.95).html I love the idea of mounting my waterproof point and shoot camera to my paddle so it will always be at the ready. I just can’t justify the $50 price tag. Does anybody have any economical alternatives they can suggest?

not inexpensive
But you can pay just a bit more and get a marine-grade suction mount you can put wherever you can suction it!

Attached to the paddle would be
easier to point at what I want to take a picture of.

if you can keep your paddle still enough through the footage. Might work just fine.

Or you could get a helmet mount or headband for the camera. Those options should be relatively cheap.

Camera clamps
I can’t open the link you gave, so this may not be what you meant, but I’ve made a few different simple gadgets that attach a camera to a paddle, and to a simple camera stand on the deck.

I have a couple posted at flickr:


and a cheesy-but-useful deck-mounted camera stand at

There are also a few wonderfully dignified selfies I’ve taken with these clamps in my flickr photostream. And some photos of the local “Blackbeard is Beautiful” art movement.

Slick set up but $$$$
It’s a nice design, but you’re right about the cost. I could see paying $25+/-, but $50 for 2 pieces of plastic and some SS screws?

I use a GorillaPod secured by my deck bungees. It keeps my camera (Olympus TG-2) steady for taking video, and easy to grab for hand held pictures. It’s only $20, and is sold in most stores that sell cameras.

Ted_from_Crockett_CA here is the link for the mount:

I love the DIY mounts you made! I’m going use your designs as inspiration and see what I have laying around that I can use. I’ll post if I come up with anything worthy :slight_smile:


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I had another deck-mounted camera stand that allowed me to angle the camera (in a limited way) and to change from "landscape" to "portrait" modes. It wasn't pretty, but only cost a couple of bucks.

Don't forget to post when you get some results.

Can you build one?

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I looked at that camera mount, and building something that does the same thing wouldn't be hard. Without thinking too much right now (some new idea might come along if I did), I'd start with a piece of aluminum angle, having a width across the flats of about 1.0 to 1.5 inches. Make it about the same length as what you see in the picture you referenced. Drill a hole for the camera's mounting bolt (if you want to get fancy, there are ways to make that bolt loss-free, like on any regular camera mount, but having a few spares would be good enough). Drill additional holes or cut slots for the mechanism that will anchor it to your paddle shaft. One easy, secure method would be a pair of hose clamps (cushion the paddle shaft with wraps of tape, if necessary). Much fancier, but harder to build, would be a pair of locking clamps, like those of the device shown by the link. You might find something like that in a good hardware store, or maybe even find a similar clamping device in a bike store (the same principle is used for mounting brake and shift controls on bikes). Even a dozen wraps of electrical tape on each end might be good enough in the short term. Round-off all the sharp corners (you'll plug up the teeth of your file when doing so, but that can be fixed), and you are good to go.

On eBay, look for handlebar mounted holders for GPS and cameras with tripod mount. For bikes/motorbikes. Some are pretty cheap and are basically the same thing as that on your link.

I don’t like paddle mounted option anyway. Too much movement and in the way.