Paddling with a dog???

Any suggestions for getting a stable, not to heavy but efficient boat to paddle with my 20 lb dog.

I currently have a heavy but stable OK SOT and a CLC kayak

Dogs like canoes
The convex or irregular top (deck) surfaces of kayaks SUCK for dogs. They are much safer and happier in a canoe. I have seen several people show up at the river with kayaks and dogs and witness the extreme struggle and frustration that ensues. I just shake my head and paddle on.

Canoes are definitely good for starters
After several trips in the canoe and the center seat of my triple kayak, I covered the back deck of my QCC with a foam pad. Our 20+ lb Pug seems to enjoy it and while I can feel him moving around it’s not too bad to accommodate.

The kids get a kick out him in his PFD (Puppy Flotation Device). He’s fallen off a couple times but doesn’t seem to mind when I swing him over my shoulder to set him behind me.



I know one dog…
that manages just fine in a kayak

But being an open boater, I do agree that you should get a canoe :wink: