Paddling with music

OK, so I am not a purist… but like many of us, I paddle solo most of the time. When I do I do not have to worry about someone not liking my music, whatever it may be. I have a small radio that I put in the deck of my kayak or clamp to a thwart on the canoe and enjoy. I used to wear headphones but do not seem to have that desire.

I seem to pick up the pace a bit when a good song plays.

Cel-e-brate good times, come on!

Am I alone with this? Seems an IPOD would be the ticket…Santa, are you listening?

to the beat of a different drummer
hey to thine own self be true, to hec with purist ideas, music is one of the true joys of life. Combine it with nature and sometimes really integrative. Like the quiet times also, nice complement when in the need of it. Go for it. Yep, use an ipod in my cell phone transparent waterproof bag. Works very well.

I like using my paddle as an
air guitar and doing the drum solo from “WIPE OUT” on the front deck of my sea kayak. But that’s just me.

do you sing out loud?
went on a 2 week trip with friends and buddys wife sang out loud all day. it was terrible!

go ahead and listen to your music. as long as it doesn’t disturb others. enjoy!

hmmm, a new topic? : which paddle is best for air guitar…


STYX,QUEEN,Toby ,or Johnny Cash.CRANK IT UP AND ENJOY;if your paddling by yourself like I do you’ll be lucky just to see another boat,or another boat thats paddle powered.

A year ago I went on a trip to an Island where we had to do a big crossing. Coming home there was a following sea with big steep waves, I did a lot of surfing, bracing, and ruddering and was kind of worried about staying upright with a boat loaded with camping gear, a lot of the waves were breaking and in one spot there was a really bad section of confused seas, a young lady who was along on the trip was singing opera as we were crashing through the waves… I thought well gee if she’s that calm I have nothing to worry about, when we finally reached a sheltered spot she told me that she sings when she is about to panic to calm herself down … I guess it worked for both of us.

To each his own. But…
I do actually find it difficult to understand why you would be listening to music while paddling when there is so much else to pay attention to and enjoy. Mind you, I really try to avoid telling other people what to do. But honestly this really puzzles me. Are you not aware of the wildlife around you? Do you not appreciate quiet? Do you pay attention to your strokes? To all the other environmental sounds and sights? What is the difference between what you do and a rowing machine with listening to music with headphones?

I crank it up…
I crank it up on the shuttle run.

I crank it up if I’m home alone.

I hate to hear it on the river, or in the campground; even music I like, which it rarely is. See absolutely nothing wrong with it if you use headphones. If it creates safety issues for you; that’s your problem.


In Our Tandem
it would be moderately politically incorrect to put on headphones with my wife or one of my kids sitting in the front.

Besides, the prehistoric sounds of a sandhill crane and the melodious sounds of other species of birds is a symphony to me.

I used to think the same things!

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I used to think what you do. Perhaps some who listen to music cannot enjoy solitude and quiet and need earphones as a barrier a protection etc.

For, me, I am renewed by nature, solitude, quiet, and wildlife, I find that at times, when by myself (respecting others need for silence, never a safety issue) choral music, classical, chants, etc played sparingly are deeply enriching, harmonious, and synergistic with the experience and bring me to become more deeply involved, in sync, and balance with my breathing, paddling, etc.

I find that the most important thing about growing older is to retain an open mind to new experiences, I scoffed at this as you are trying not to do. If you are open to it, music might have this effect for you. Of course, if it does or does not work for you that is what counts.

Try singing, or humming a tune?

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To each his own, but a lot of us make our own entertainment while paddling, without the use of a radio.

You might find this amusing. Search the archive for SONGS TO PADDLE BY. Or try this link [not sure if I did this right].

While a radio MIGHT upset the tranquil setting for some people, I often get amusing looks or comments from people when they hear me sing [or what barely passes as singing] especially row, row, row your boat.

Be careful what you choose though! While paddling tandem with my wife, she asked me what song I was humming. I proceeded to sing the words to BORN A WOMAN...

It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor
or if you're smart, or dumb
a woman's place in this old world
is under some man's thumb ...

And if you're born a woman
you're born to be hurt
you're born to be lied to, and stepped on
and cheated on and treated like dirt ...

... and she soaked me with a swing of her paddle!

I’ll still be cranking it up.I can see wildlife any time I want,except when I’m hunting it seems.If our paths ever cross just yell loud enough so I can hear ya.

Honestly,most of the time the music is so I dont have to hear the lawn mowers tractors and kids.

Have fun, thats what it’s all about.If I never left it, I have no need to get back to nature.

Gotta go hunt the bear now.

Mini iPod
I always take along the iPod tucked inside an Aquapac MP3 bag. I never miss spotting the wildlife. Anybody who has trouble focusing on wildlife or the waves just because some music is being piped into his brain has a severe attention deficit problem. Music make everything better!

For you purists who get back to nature

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I took these photos today while listening to my favorite oldies station. Did not seem to bother the critters one little bit. No one heard it but me. Enjoy.

Just got an mp3 player
Ain’t technology grand?

Stuffed it full of Clash, Queens of the Stoneage, Green Day, Flogging Molly, and Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros Street Core. Won’t hear them pesky jetskis now!