Paddling with the big boys

I did my first race in my new QCC 700 during an off road tri last weekend and got to see what real paddlers were made of. Several past Olympic paddlers were in my class as well as some fast recreational paddlers. I averaged about 6 mph over the 3 mile course and the big boys were well over 7 mph. Impressive!

How is the 700?
Sounds like you like it. Can you share anything you do not like about it?

I am being picky but here are some. I really didn’t like the seat pad and backrest. I bought a backband and am using the seat without a pad. I have a pad ordered for a marathon I am doing in a few weeks. I wish there was a little more padding in the knee area. I seem to hit my knee on a sharp edge around the seam area. I think the Epic may be slightly faster but I don’t know for sure. The difference isn’t anything I couldn’t make up with fitness.

I would buy it again no doubt and will likely get another one for my wife.

Does anybody know if there are any better sales around winter than the current 18% off at QCC?

Why not support them!?

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Gosh I get being frugal, but why not allow QCC to make some money as well as the specialty dealers? If you believe in these companies, and small shops why not illustrate that by allowing them to be successful. There IS a cost to being cheap. 18% should be enough eh?

My experience is that sea kayakers are a frugal bunch in general, and I respect that, but often these are the very folk who get all hot and bothered about the gradual extinction of specialty shops and the increase in big box stores. There is a direct connection?

QCC Sales
He was worried about buying at the 18% sale and then finding out they had a 20% sale a few weeks later. I don’t think you can buy a QCC from a shop.

Being Petty
My husband bought a yak to use for bringing out his crab traps, so he went for a SOT and very stable.

I, the wife, decides to finally get one, and guess what, I don’t do crab traps so got a longer sleeker one and leave hubby in the dusk or water if you’d like so to speak and I rather enjoy it. Yes, I am petty and love it. He’s so much bigger than me, let him work harder is what I say.



OK, so quit being so damn cheap

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and let the folks who brought you a beautifully made and designed kayak MAKE SOME MONEY! Why in the hell would you want to wrestle these guys out of a few percent? They, just like you need to make a living! Oh, OK, lets cheap ass them out of business then bitch because they aint around......... All the believers will be at the going out of business sale! Sorry for the rant...
Not directed at any one person here, just an observation of what is going on in general.