Paddling with youngsters

After a Crud winter and Covid-19 restrictions, I’m trying to get back into some semblance of shape.
I haven’t been looking for serious paddling , just some gentle tune ups on this old engine.
I contacted a young woman from our Meetup group who said she was interested in the same thing. I got the impression that she hadn’t paddled much.
We got together yesterday . She showed up with a good looking sea kayak. I brought my dependable Tarpon which is an outstanding rescue boat if needed.
So now we have me in a tank and her in a rocket. She didn’t have a lot of seat time but had some very good instruction . She had to slow down a few times so I could catch up.
I’ve learned not to assume paddling ability from one conversation.
She learned that old men aren’t necessarily lecherous, even if you meet them alone in the woods. She also learned a bit about reading weather from a boat.
It was a beautiful, instructive day.
It took me the rest of the afternoon to recover.