Padling in and around Tybee island, GA

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I am planning a 6 day trip in March to Tybee Island. Would some please help me with paddling trip advice how to maximize my time and do the lots of paddling with the most interesting site seeing. Also, I am planning to camp the whole time I am there - any suggestions on inexpensive camp sites. Greatly appreciate your help. Thanks

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Call Sea Kayak Georgia
They will be glad to give you advice. The also have a website. Just Google “sea kayak georgia”.

Padling in and around Tybee island, GA
The current issue(Feb2008) of Sea Kayaker has an article on this subject.

camp on lil tybee 10 min paddle to mainland.

call savannah canoe and kayak 9123419502, or skg 888kayakga.

lots of places. depends on what ya want.

what to do?
are you limited to tybee only? what distance can you cover in a day?

Tybee island area
We are very strong paddlers and our preference to cover and see as much as possible in all kinds of conditions. We are interested in all the areas around the island. Thank you

i second…
the suggestion to look at the current Sea Kayaker magazine article. I lived in Savannah for 8 years (parents/brother still live there) and I think the article was well written. It has become a little hotspot for kayaking in recent years.

Great place
I’ll be there this weekend for an ACA meeting, although it looks like the waves are a bit small in the forecast.

You’ll have a blast – call Sea Kayak Georgia or Savannah Canoe & Kayak. Either/both can fix you right up and you won’t find better people.


Irina, ask Mark - he has paddled the area, knows both Dale Williams and Steve Braden. As a matter of fact, he is also at the ACA meeting in Tybee this weekend.

Are you going with Geneva Kayak in March?

Google Geneva Kayak, and you will see the Chicagoland website (a nice one) with the Tybee Island (is that teh same as Cumberland Island) info. Maybe it is different. I don;t know.

Cumberland Island
CD1 - the Cumberland island is south of Tybee island - its almost on a border with Florida. i checked it out and it loos like an interesting trip - may be next time. thanks for advice.


Good luck at Tybee.

Actually there are a couple of islands
between Tybee Island and Cumberland Island. Which ever island you pick bring plenty of bug spray for skeeters and Skin-So-Soft for the sand gnats if it is nice and warm when you go.


Not sure I could stay interrested for six days in that area…but that’s just me. Yeah, been there. Fun for a day or so in bad weather. Are you limited to the SE?

fifty fifty
mix skin so soft with rubbing alcohol. works better.

yes there are many islands. you could leave lil tybee camp. spend a couple days wandering through the maze of cuts in lil tybee. next day venture out to ossabaw or wassaw. can’t run a cut @ low tide though. (SKG has a satellite photo with cuts marked. laminated & costs about $10) low tide paddle over to the light house @ lazerretto creek and climb to the top. one day load up and drive 45 minutes to hit ebeneezer or ogeechee river. both nice black rivers. ebeenzer has little flow and can be paddled easily up river. ogeechee can be paddled up stream some days. connie at ogeechee outpost can shuttle you 4-12 miles up river.

camping lil tybee is free. during the week probably be alone. at most one other small group camping. islands big and can usually find a spot away from everyone. southern end of lil tybee at high tide is a party spot for the big boats.

there’s a rv park on tybee.

you could also camp at skidaway state park. on skidaway island about a 30 minute drive from tybee.