Padz foam pedestal comfy in Bell Flashfire

This Flashfire has sat unused for three, four or five years since I removed the kneeling thwart that came in it, shortly after I bought it. I had good intentions of installing a hung seat, but paddler other boats, rather than working on this one.

Well, today I finally got it out to mess around with temporary seating to help determine whether or not to sell it to free up some cash.

I’m keeping the Flashfire.

The Padz Canoe Pedestal 000106, combined with the already existing 3/8” kneeling foam made the most comfortable kneeling experience I’ve ever had in a canoe. 45 minutes continuous with minimal discomfort.

It sucks for sitting, though. Needs thigh braces added for that.


Flashfire should be a good boat for you. I sold mine as I felt I was a bit too big for it but I loved its responsiveness.

Pedestals are used by nearly all whitewater open boaters these days, and have been for years. Those who like to move around in the boat a lot may find them restrictive, but when properly set up with a good pair of kneeling pads, they are really quite comfortable and present much less entrapment risk than kneeling using a kneeling thwart or traditional seat. And they can actually serve as a “portage yoke” at least for shorter carries.

What ever floats your boat Y… I never liked pedestal boats but I have been a mover arounder in the boat. You have a good illustration of why the seating or kneeling arrangements in most boats can be adjusted or remodeled to suit a persons individual style.