pain in hip/leg due to crease in shorts

So I have noticed recently on ~1-2 hr paddles that midway I would start to feel pain in my right hip/leg. Had to get out on land to stretch it out, and then finish up with only minor pain. Have a QCC700 and have removed the sling seat so I sit right on the fiberglass seat pan (used to not have a problem for first 3-4 yrs). Had to really think about it and then realized that when I enter the kayak I first slide my right leg straight in and then bend my left leg and insert it. Well what was happening was I was forming a crease in my shorts right under my right hip, and it took about an hour for the creased fabric to irritate the nerve in the hip. So now after I get in the kayak I pull up on both sides of my shorts (at the hip) to remove any creases and now I no longer have hip pain! Have heard of others complaining of the same problem and now I am wondering if it was due to a crease in their shorts/pants as well.

Good detective work.
Do you know the name of the nerve? Sciatic nerve? I’d like to check my anatomy book to see how vulnerable it is to outside pressure.

not sure
what nerve is was, but did not get shooting pain, just an aching pain that was relieved by stretching. The pain could have been a mixture of nerve and muscle impingement by the creased fabric backed by the hard seat pan. Had it happen in my car too on a long drive, was again due to the crease in shorts/pants.

This may be the one
advantage to being 25 Lbs. overweight. I don’t feel creases in the fabric of my pants. I do hurt like he*l. But not from that.

Piriformis Syndrome?
Just guessing, but there’s quite a bit of pain in the butt from this that shoots all the way down from the hip to the foot.

Paddle naked, butt for safety be certain to wear a PFD.

Just one of many pains…
About two months into kayaking I was in the boat about four hours and my lower back was in agony. I realized that a belt loop was causing the trouble. Got a razor blade, cut it off, and no more pain there. It’s amazing how the little things become major after a few hours in that seat.

Do the Scots paddle
with anything beneath their skirts ?

If anyone sits on a fat wallet all day
this in not helping either.