Pain in the seat!

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After 2 years in a Loon 160 I recently aquired a Pamlico 14 and the seat ( Phase III ) is driving me nuts. In the Loon I'm good for at least 5-6 hrs in comfort but in the Pamlico it's 3 hours at best and the pain drives me out of the boat. No numbness, just pain in the butt.
Any sugestions for a seat upgrade? I've looked around on line and don't see too much available.
I really like the boat and don't want to replace it but if I can't fix the seat it will have to go.
Thanks in advance.

don’t let
Pamlico_140 hear you complaining about his favorite ride!

Not sure what’s making your rump sore. any clues? sometimes it’s the padding, possibly add more. sometimes it’s the angle, did you play with the leg lifters.

I have yet to be in a boat over 1.5hrs that didn’t make my ass sore. 2 hrs and I gotta stretch, period.

an ol’ steve

pain in the seat
I think it might be the flat contour. My Loon has sort of a bucket seat with no padding that slides on rails and the Pamlico is very flat. Pulling the seat back vertical made a slight difference - tonight I’ll try the leg lifter up a bit.