Paint a Canoe??

Wondering if a reg joe can paint the outside of his own canoe.??? What if any special tools… might be needed.??? I am hoping some can post a link to help? Thanks in advance .

If you want a good result, talk to an
auto painting shop that does Imron or a similar superior paint. They’ll tell you how you can save a little with preparation.

Otherwise, unless you just want your own color and don’t care about car-like appearance, I would save the effort.


Paint a Canoe??

A Couple of Us

Andy S painted his Sawyer, F/G, and I painted my Couier, RX. Andy ordered auto paint, I believe, and I used spray paint bought out of the local hardware store. I won’t hold for very long but for a short term fix it’ll work. Come spring I’ll put a new coat on for the coming season.


any paint can scrape off
If you use a 2 part polyurethane marine paint like Interlux Perfection Topside it will be a bit tougher, more abrasion resistant and more resistant to chemicals than typical spray paints. Although this type of paint is intended to be used “above the waterline” since canoes do not typically remain in the water, it can be used on the bottom of a canoe hull.

A spray paint like Krylon Fusion will work fine but won’t be quite as tough.

Painting…sure you can
Just expect it to scratch off. I made the mistake of buying automotive paint in spray cans, took me 5 cans to spray paint the Sawyer Summersong I have. Each can cost about $20. Also bought primer as a base coat. But cheap paint!

Before photo’s…

completed photo’s…


painting a canoe
Nice before and after pics. I just bought a Sawyer that needs some attention and paint. Can you tell me more about how you did it?

I had to strip the brown paint off, sand the hull, smooth out the awful patches, patch where needed, sand again. I then primed the boat with a spray on primer. Lightly sand again, clean all the dust off and then paint with the final color.

I had removed the gunwales and the twarts and painted those as well (black). Reinstalled all pieces after the hull was painted.

Take the boat out for a paddle.

I’ve already got scratches!