Paint a Paddle

Hey everyone. My kids are 9 and 6 and they are really enjoying getting on the water. I was thinking about surprising them at Christmas with their own custom canoe paddles. Nothing too fancy but thought I would buy some light wood paddles and sand them down and then varnish them up again.

Wondering if it is worth all the work as far as durability goes for a paddle they will use every trip. And if you have painted a paddle up can you share for some inspiration?



I think you should do it. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t love it. Maybe it’ll inspire them to some day personalize one themselves.

I haven’t painted a paddle yet but I have done some wood burning on a couple. One was an eagle. That paddle went with a boat I sold. Then this one:


Absolutely. Using those paddles would be a real point of pride for them. Don’t worry about durability if you have a clear coat to add a little extra protection. I think you could give them another paddle while an old one is being refurbished. I bet they might be encourage to joint you in psinting. How great would that be.

The wood burning is a fantastic idea. Skills only improve with use.


That’s neat I never thought about burning something on to the paddle.

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Great idea.

Burn then fill in the lines maybe, then you have an antique look when it wears off.