Paint a SOF?

-- Last Updated: Jul-14-09 6:29 PM EST --

Can I paint a SOF after the urethane is dry? With what?

Sure, oil based paint.

Might also go to: and ask.

Bill H.


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I would think that you could paint your boat after the urethane, but why would you want to?
Did the finish not come out the way you wanted?
You would also be adding weight to the boat, albeit a small amount.
I recently finished a SOF, and am not as pleased w/finish as I could be but don't know if I would paint over it. If I was to do it I would probably use a polyurethane type paint. or an oil base paint....R

The boat is for my grandson who wants
it to be garnet- the University of SC color.Traitorous little punk.

A Clemson grandfather.

Not much sticks to eurathane very well. The surface has to be broken even between coats of eurathane. Latex house paint is your best bet. Grahm ceramic is tough stuff.

Did you end up with nylon or polyester(dacron) as skin?

8.5 oz nylon. Skin Boats has a russet
dye I might use.

how 'bout orange on top
garnet on the bottom

I like it since that is the position
of the teams.