Paint over gel coat and Marine tex

I filled several areas of missing gel coat with Marine tex. The boat is made of Tuffweave. I don’t want the boat to look perfect but I would like to cover the gray marine tex filler. Can I paint over the Marine tex and feather over the gel coat? And if so what would be the best paint?

not sure on canoes re: paint

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but from my sailboat restoration days; yeah, you can paint over marine tex. I used to use "Brightside" polyurethane. Again, this was a sailboat. This time of year is when I'm glad I sold my sailboats....expensive and time consuming time of year. Used to give these guys between $600-$4000 annually....
As far as the pros went for paint, "awl-grip" was considered the best. I had my last boat sprayed in "Imron", and it was really sweet looking for a number of buoy bashing years.

I am not sure about “Marine Tex” since

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I have never used it, but I have made a lot of repairs with epoxy on my QCC kayak that has a white hull.
I use Valspar white enamel spray paint and have had good luck with it.

I was originally advised to use a good quality spray paint over it by Steve, the past owner of QCC kayaks.

I tried Krylon once and had terrible luck with it.

jack L

You’ll want to wet sand the Marine Tex with ever finer grades of paper and probably a sanding block until it is well feathered with the gel coat and then paint it. I’ve used the stuff in the past as you describe, but I usually used the white Marine Tex as I believed it was not as rough as the grey stuff.