Paint peeling off inside canoe

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Just a quick question. How can I easily make this look okay. The paint is peeling off and those chunks are actually pretty hard, almost cutting skin on my feet. I tried to remove them but they really stick to the fibreglass. Paint it over? Add layer of resin?

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How good is the boat and how much work do you want to put into it?

I would say don’t glass over the paint. Sand it down very carefully would be my guess and then repaint as a minimum.

Some pros should be along and give you their oppinions

I suspect that is not paint. It is the top coating of the fiberglass system , or some kind of trailer roof coating somebody added to the boat.

Lots of work. That’s why you have to determine values. And assess cost vs diminishing returns. Inside is scrappy. How is the outside?

Sanding, assess the glass/matt, re- coat with epoxy, fill coat, sanding and painting could be in tour future.
I will not say exact since I can’t see or touch or thunk it.

Sand it and paint it.

The boat is in “okay” condition. It is from the 70s. I do not want to put too much work in it. Just to make it look a little more presentable. Sanding would be difficult. Along with the paint (or whatever it is) I would probably also remove some fiberglass which I am a little skeptical about.

Sand with an electric sander lightly and paint it. No big deal.

I don’t know if I would even sand it down flush with the glass. Just go over it with a disc and knock off the high sharp stuff that’s sticking up. Mix up some duraglass and with a used gas card spread a little on to fill the low spots. Scuff the rest up and clean it good and brush or roll on some marine paint.

I see it as a easy weekend project.

It also looks like something thicker than paint. It has some pools of thicker layers on sides, almost like it was still wet and started to drip down. For sure I do not want to spend hundreds on it. The outside also requires some work but that seems straightforward (some bondo filling, fiberglass cloth and resin applied to keel line) and I can do it myself. The inside is something I’ve never dealt with.

Thanks you all guys. I will sand it just to remove those sharp edges, then fill it with a thin layer of duraglass. Then paint it. I think it should be enough.

Thanks Again.

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Post a pic when you get it all purdy. :canoe:

Yeah based on the thickness of those flakes it might have a gel coat on the interior. I might scrape at the interior with a stiff plastic putty knife to try to get the loose chunks out without hurting the fiberglass. Sanding looks like a big job…if you sand it I suggest you use a mask or do it outside and try not to breath the dust. For sure paint is all that’s needed to seal it and protect the fiberglass. If you paint over an uneven surface you can always just put down a cheap yoga mat on the floor to protect your feet from sharp edges.