Painted canoe now what?

Hello all. I recently picked up a used fiberglass canoe and decided to spruce it up a bit. I have never really had to do much to my plastic canoes before. I sanded down the fiberglass canoe and applied 3 layers of marine paint (alkyd) and it seems to be great.

What I am wondering is if I should apply a clear or protecting coat of some kind on top of the paint or if I should just look forward to repainting it once a year?

What does the paint manufacturer recommend?

No way would I want to be repainting anything once a year

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I have sent them an e-mail but hadn’t heard back yet.

You don’t need clear coat.
You can touch up the bottom if you scrape off some paint on rocks.

ppine…agree with

Thanks. It did harden up quite well and most of the waters i’m on are fairly rock free other than some shoreline. I’m not opposed to some touch-ups in the off season.