Painter Eyes

Does anybody still install traditional brass painter eyes on their canoes. I see a few wood strip makers and one Novacraft model that still has them. Any suppliers or installation tips for them on royalex canoes?

Ah’ve got dem on me wood/canvas
canoos. Ah’ll git yer some pictures an’ sources.


I have em…
I have em on my Chestnut Pal.

I wouldn’t install them on any of my other canoes that I use on a regular basis.

Reason; they might chip, or scratch the paint on my truck’s hood, cab, or the truck’s camper shell, if I accidentally let the canoe get off balance while I’m loading,or unloading.

Not worried about your vehicle’s paint; no sweat.


Try dis link fer starters

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Scroll down ta 'Hardware'

Painter Eyes
There is a better solution for Royalex boats. Get s hort length of vinyl tubing with an inside diameter of 5/8". Drill a hole through the bow of the boat from one side to the other just above the waterline. The hole should be the same as or slightly larger than the outside diameter of the tubing. Glue the tubing in with vinabond or similar adhesive that is compatible with both the boat material and the vinyl tubing. You can now thread a length of 1/2" rope through the tubing and tie it into a permanent loop or thread your bow lines directly through the tubing.

If you need a photo or two to better illustrate the procedure, email me at

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painter eyes
Thanks for your input, what I’m actually looking for are the traditional brass eyes that are usually placed about 4" down on the bow; not on the deck plate. I just like the traditional look and usefulness.

This may sound improvisational, but
maybe you could use the vinyl tube approach, but also get some brass grommets in appropriate sizes and glue them onto the tube ends.

There’s a product called Tugeyes that I think no one has mentioned yet. Maybe it could also be dressed up with brass.