Painter line question

The painter lines on my 2006 Prijon Kodiak have a 6" to 8" section of thin bungee cord crimped on to them about 6" from the attachment point to the kayak hull. Can anyone tell me what this is for? The bungee cord is worn out and I’m going to remove it but wonder if this needs to be replaced?

If is connected to the perimeter lines across the bow it could be used for a paddle park.

Probably to store the painter itself
I bet there was either a way to strap down one end, then stuff the painter beneath it, or perhaps it used to be that both ends of the little bungie were crimped to the same location, forming a loop, and the coiled painter could be stuffed into that loop. Many canoers put a little bungie strap on each end of the boat to store coiled painters.

got to agree with Gbg
I’ve seen many a canoe with a 6 to 8" bungee across the deck plate to secure a coiled painter.

Thanks for the replies
The bungee cords are attached only to both the bow and stern painters. The attachments points are about 6" to 8" apart so the bungee cord is parallel to the painter. I was wondering, since the kayak is set up to have a rudder, if the stern painter was like this to secure the rudder? If so maybe Prijon just has one set of painters made to make finishing the assembly easier—no concern to get different painters; just grab two and assemble.

Shock absorber?? nm